Welcome to Advanced Auto Center!

Advanced Auto Center is an auto repair center in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in automotive restoration and repair. We pride ourselves in tackling the toughest issues including wrecked and totaled vehicles that would otherwise be scrapped. If you are a salvage car buyer, we are open to partnering with you on your project.

Advanced Auto Center is located right in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. It has become a trusted pillar in the community, which is something we are proud of. Sure, it took some time to gain the trust of the community, but we persisted with our commitment to excellence. The goal of our auto body shop was to gain trust the right way, and it was worth it.

One aspect that sets Advance Auto Center apart is that we can handle the toughest car problems. This includes issues like a totaled or wrecked car, and we have the experience to give back a vehicle that meets our promise. Keep in mind that scrapping a vehicle is only one option in our shop and not the only resort.

A Closer Look at Our Services

There are many components of a vehicle, and our team at Advance Auto Center understands the intricacies of each of those components. We like to think of our mechanics as doctors. A doctor has the foundational knowledge of the human body but still specializes in certain areas to take care of the complexities of that particular region. This is what you will find with our mechanics.

Yes, we all have foundational knowledge of a car, but each one of us specializes in different areas like the following:

  • Engine issues that could be causing knocking or pinging sounds
  • Drive train problems that can cause that famous shake
  • Transmission issues, which can lead to shift issues, among other things
  • Exhaust system problems, which usually accompanies black exhaust smoke that emits from the exhaust pipe
  • Brake problems, which can be dangerous. You might hear a screech when braking
  • Air conditioning issues, which can cause the system to fail
  • Cooling system problems, which can lead to overheating issues
  • Fuel injection system issues, which can cause you to consume too much gasoline
  • Electrical system problems, which is sometimes evident when the car won’t start
  • Onboard computer issues that can lead to bad vehicle performance

Of course, this only covers a fraction of the problems we can help you with. Your car has life in it, and we know how to jump-start it.

Auto Restoration Done Right

Cars can last a long time, but that does not mean age cannot affect a vehicle. The truth is that many parts on a car have expiration dates, but we can take care of that for you.

For example, one thing that we pride ourselves on is our knowledge of OEM parts, which is quite extensive. We know what your old vehicle might need no matter how rare the car is. Advance Auto Center wants you to feel confident and satisfied by the time you leave our auto body shop.

We can help you restore the following:

  • Paint
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • An entire power train

We know how important it is to drive a car that moves as it should and looks good.

Detailed Auto Body Repair

Life is painfully unpredictable. It always seems like it bites when you least expect it, and one of the things that life can take a bite out of is your car. Automobile accidents are regrettably common, which is one reason why our auto body shop has dedicated personnel that can help repair and restore your vehicle to its former glory.

We can help deal with issues like the following:

  • Small or large dents
  • Smudges or large paint discoloration
  • Small or severe collision repair
  • Issues with the vehicle’s frame
  • Windshield replacement, which is important for frame stability

Do not be afraid to talk to us and tell us what you are expecting so that we can work together on your vehicle.

Auto Salvage Repair

One of the toughest jobs in the business is restoring a vehicle that is considered salvaged, but that does not mean it cannot be done. The reason it is so tough and why many other mechanics stay away from this type of project is because it is time consuming and requires attention to detail.

Well, our team is full of patient and meticulous mechanics who are ready to take on the challenge and make sure that what we produce is the vehicle that you remember.

We can take care of cars that have been through the following:

  • Cars that have been through a fire
  • Vehicles that survived a flood
  • Cars that have suffered through a major vehicular accident

If you are looking for a salvage or junk vehicle to restore, we’ve partnered with Cash For Junk Cars Phoenix who stock used and salvage vehicles. These vehicles are perfect for restoration. Talk to us, and the chances are that we can restore your car no matter what it has gone through. Others may see junk, but we see a diamond in the rough.

Advanced Auto Center takes a different approach to working on cars, and we would be honored if you gave us an opportunity to show you how we have managed to garner the trust of so many in the community.